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*Notice: Due to a nationwide Glass shortage sizes and styles may vary, Subject to discontinuation without notice. Lids may loose. 

Newport Bay Candle Co. manufactures generously scented Container gel candles that will burn clean and even. Newport Bay Candle Co. is committed to providing you with high quality, handcrafted products. We use a generous amount of scent with true burning fragrances (The way our candles smell in the container is how your home will smell when you burn our candles) and only top quality gel  to ensure a pleasing and attractive burning candle.  We feature four sizes of candles online. 3oz Votives are available in store only.

**Because each candle is hand poured the amount of bubbles and colors may vary which is what makes each candle unique and one of a kind.


Not sure if you want Gel candles?  Consider this - Gel candles will burn 2-3 times longer than traditional wax candles. Gel candles have a smaller flame than wax candles, but Gel candles "glow" when they burn.  Gel candles tend to smoke less than wax candles.  Slow, clean burning and highly fragrant. It's a slice of heaven. 


Burn on heat resistant surface.  Keep out of reach of children.  Never leave unattended while burning  Burn no longer than 2-3 hours at a time.  Do not allow flame to touch the glass.  Always keep wicks centered in the container.  Keep burning candle out of drafts.  Never allow trimmings for other objects to collect in the melt pool.  Keep melt pool clean. Never burn the last inch of the candle.  Always keep your candle covered when not being burned. DO NOT PICK UP OR MOVE A BURNING CANDLE AS IT MAY BE HOT.  Burn candles at your own risk.

Because each candle is hand made colors and amount of bubbles may vary.

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