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We hear that a lot at Newport Bay Candle Co.! And it's true -- from the moment you enter our doors, you're surrounded by dozens of invigorating scents. Our generously scented candles, Triple Scented Wax Melts, Car Scents and Handmade Bath Salts are all famous for their long-lasting fragrance, making them one of the most coveted treasures among locals and tourists for the past decade and a half.



Our unique candles are packed with fragrance while offering you a clean, smoke-free experience. And because of their long burn times, you can enjoy a Newport Bay Candle Co. candle twice as long as other candles. The unique characteristics of our gel candles allow them to burn 2 - 3x longer than traditional wax candles! All burn times are approximate and not guarantees.



That's right - from printing to pouring, all of our gel candles are made locally at our factory store on Hwy 101. Just like in the olden days, we carefully hand pour each one of our candles. Have you tried one of our car scents, Triple Scented Wax Melts or some of our bath salts yet? We make these delectable scented treats here as well!

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