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I love to burn candles and that's what inspired me to start this venture. The candles I had purchased,  

 even those labeled as highly scented or extra scented, soon lost their fragrance.  Candle after candle burned down the  middle, leaving wax around the sides of the container... 

I began making candles in February 1998 in my kitchen.  I quickly outgrew my kitchen and moved candle making operations into my garage.  As a result of my experiences and some trial and error, I have developed candles I know you will find a pleasure to burn. 


In December 1998 I decided to open the store so customers would have the  opportunity to sample all the current fragrances and personally select candles of their own.  We soon grew out of our first little store, so in March 2001 we moved into our Hwy 20 location for a more spacious location. In 2013, we moved our Factory store to the Safeway Shopping Center at the North end of Newport for a more convenient and centerally located location for our customers.  In 2002, we opened our Lincoln City Store and March of 2005 and opened our Depoe Bay store soon after.  Our Florence Store opened in 2006. We have since closed our Lincoln City, Depoe Bay and Florence stores and moved those operations to a new store on Newport's Historic Bayfront.


Come watch us making candles in our Factory Store Located between Big 5 Sporting goods and Sub Zero Swirlz and meet Jody, Kris and Donna. 541.265.6111  


When you are done Shopping stop in next door at Sub Zero Swirlz for some Soft Serve Frozen Yogurt!! 


Visit our retail store on the Historic Bayfront in Newport and Kathy will be glad to help you. 541.574.0034

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