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Ammo & Camo

Ammo & Camo

Introducing our Ammo & Camo scented candle, perfect for the outdoorsy man in your life. This candle features top notes of redwood and fir, giving it a rich, woodsy scent that will make any space feel like a cozy cabin in the woods. The addition of men's cologne adds a hint of sophistication, making this candle a great option for any man cave or den. Plus, with a shell embed design, this candle will add a rugged, masculine touch to any room. Whether you're a hunting enthusiast or just love the smell of the great outdoors, our Ammo & Camo scented candle is the perfect choice for bringing nature into your home.
  • Details

    13oz w/lid, double wick, approximate burn time 90-100 hours
    20oz w/lid, double wick, approzimate burn time 190-200 hours
    28oz w/lid, double wick, approximate burn time 290-300 hours

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