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Thin Blue Line

Thin Blue Line


Show support for our brothers and sisters in blue who put their lives on the line every day to keep us safe. 


Other 'thin line' candles available upon request. Please call store to order 541-265-6111


Red line - Firefighters

Green LIne - Military and Federal Agents such as Border Patrol, Game Wardens and Park Rangers

White line - Emergency Medical Service

Silver line = Corrections Officers

Orange - Search and Rescue Personnel 

Yellow - Secuity Guards and Loss Prevention

Gold - Dispatchers


  • Details

    6oz w/lid, single wick, approximate burn time 70-90 hours
    13oz w/lid, double wick, approximate burn time 120-130 hours
    20oz w/lid, double wick, approximate burn time 200-210 hours
    28oz w/lid, double wick, approximate burn time 290-300 hours
  • Made to Order

    Thin Red Line, Thin Green line, Thin White Line, Thin Yellow line, Thin Black Line and Thin Gray line. Call 541-265-6111 to place an order.

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